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Parent Student Handbook

Parent Student Handbook


by Charles Swindoll

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.

Attitude, to me is more important than facts.  It is more important than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do.

It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skills.

It will make or break a company…a church…a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

We cannot change our past…

We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.

We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude…

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.  And so it is with YOU…we are in charge of our attitudes!

Children are what they choose to be and attitude plays a vital part in each student’s development.  At Golden Oak we are committed to helping children develop positive attitudes so he/she can achieve their dreams.

Suggestion Box

The Golden Oak Elementary School Suggestion Box is located in the school office.  Parents are invited to complete Suggestion Box forms at any time throughout the year to share any ideas or suggestions with the Golden Oak staff.

 Cell Phones

Students are asked not to bring cell phones to school.  If you choose to send one to school with your student, the child needs to know that the cell phone is to be turned off and kept in the student’s backpack during school hours.  Students are not allowed to make or receive phone calls during school hours.  If parents need to communicate with children, that needs to go through the school office.  Please do not contact your student via his/her cell phone during school hours.  Any phone used during school hours will be taken from the student and must be picked up after school by a parent.  Students may only use cell phones after dismissal in front of the school.

Anti Interruption Policy


-          To maximize instructional time by telephoning into rooms very seldom.

-          To teach students to become responsible.

-          To use natural consequences to help students learn.


      1.  We will not receive nor deliver:

-          Pets


2     We will receive, but not deliver:

-          Instruments*

-          Food from fast food restaurants*

-          Balloon bouquets or other gifts

  (*Students need to be responsible to come to the office for these items.  A message will be placed in the teachers’ box.)


3.  Using the office aide, we will periodically deliver messages, eyeglasses,

    lunches, jackets, keys, and other forgotten items to the classroom

throughout the day.


4.  Office staff will contact the classroom for students who are needed for medical 

testing, psychological counseling, discipline referrals, appointments or early pick up.


5.    Parents may not call and ask to speak to students in class.  ALL phone contact with students during school hours must be made through school office.


6.    When parents phone and ask to speak to teachers, we will put the message

in teachers’ boxes with the promise that the teacher will call within 24

hours.  If the teacher has notified the office he/she needs to receive

a specific parent call it will be put through to the room.


Arrival and Dismissal

Providing a safe and supervised educational setting is paramount for the staff at Golden Oak.  To make sure that students are supervised at all times, students should NOT arrive at school before 7:30 a.m.   All gates will be closed and access to the campus denied until opened by a campus supervisor. Students in grades 1-3 may not wait for older brothers or sisters from 2:00 until 2:50.

After school is dismissed students are expected to go directly home. All students will exit at the front of the school. Students are not allowed to exit the rear gate at the back of the parking lot.  Please pick up students after school promptly. First through third grade students are dismissed at 2:00 daily. Students who are still on site at 2:20 will be brought to the office and they will make phone calls home for rides.  Fourth through Sixth grade students dismiss at 2:50 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2:00 on Wednesday.  They are asked to start walking home immediately or rides should be waiting.  At 3:10 students will be brought to the office where they will begin calling for rides.  Students are not allowed to wait in front of the school; this procedure is in place for student safety.  The staff at Golden Oak does not feel comfortable in allowing students to wait outside unsupervised.  Please make sure you are prompt in picking up your child everyday and that they understand the procedure for getting home safely each day. 

Please do not use the bus lane to pick up your students.  This creates a dangerous situation for students crossing the bus lane to get to parents parked in the pickup zone in front of the school.  The bus lane is for buses only.

Providing a safe environment is everyone’s responsibility. We appreciate your support in making sure that the driveways and roadways around Golden Oak are safe for your children. Also, please note that only the gate at the front office remains open all day. This enables us to limit access to our campus.


Attendance….Our Goal is to Minimize Student Absences

Regular school attendance is very important for your child’s success in learning. Every day students are being taught new concepts and building on those already introduced. Therefore, daily, punctual attendance is very important. Research shows that frequent absences and /or tardy time have a negative effect on your child’s learning and attitude toward himself/herself and school. Frequent tardy time or absences without proper excuses will be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).


Absences and Requesting Homework: When your student is going to be absent from school, please:

1.     Contact the school (730-7851) the first day of the absence.


2.     If your student was absent more than one day, please send a written note when your student returns.

Your note should include:

-          Date of the note

-          Date of the absence(s)

-          Student’s full name

-          Reason for absence

-          Parent/guardian signature


3.    If your child’s absence will be longer than several days, you may request missed school work:  The teacher will need 24 hours  notice before picking up the homework.


4.    If your child will be out 5 or more days, independent study is provided so he or she is not considered absent and will not get behind. It is the parent responsibility to request independent study, to complete the form and make sure the student completes the work.  The teacher will need a minimum of 48 hours to prepare for an Independent Study Packet. 



Students who ride bicycles to school are expected to follow good safety rules. Bicycles may not be ridden anywhere on the school grounds at any time. 

During the school hours, bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle area located at the front of the school. Bicycles should be locked up with helmets attached.  Do not lock bicycles to other bicycles.

Roller blades, Skateboards, Wheelies and Scooters

Roller blades, wheelies and skateboards are allowed on campus when they are a form of transportation to and from school. They may not be ridden on campus at any time. Students should remove the wheels from their wheelies when they arrive at school.  When roller blades, skateboards, or scooters are brought on campus, they must be locked at the bike rack if possible or left in the office until the end of the day.


Bus Transportation

 Bus transportation is not provided for Golden Oak students except in special circumstances. (To request special consideration, get the proper form from the office.)

The safety of pupils transported to school in buses is a responsibility shared by pupil passengers and the school.

The bus driver has the responsibility for the safety and conduct of students riding the bus to and from school and from other activities. Students are to obey their drivers at all times.

The privilege of riding the bus depends on your child’s behavior. Please see Student Conduct Code, Grades K-6, 2007-08 for further information about expected bus behavior.

Change of Address or Telephone Numbers

In order to keep our files accurate, parents and students are required to submit to the office any changes of address or telephone number. It is important to let the office know this information as soon as possible. Additional contacts in case of emergencies are important too.

Transfers to Other Schools

When transferring to another school during the school year, please notify the office as soon as possible.  The transfer of documents can be made more efficiently if this is done..